Across the globe, people spend August 12th celebrating the amazingly gentle giant known as the elephant in honor of World Elephant Day. These outstanding creatures have been loved by so many for years. Yet, as many people have come to realize, the population in African and Asian elephant has begun to dwindle due to hunting and poaching for their beautiful ivory tusks. This day is not only geared toward marveling in them, but is also an opportunity to create a greater understanding about how important these animals are to the world and how we need to truly crack down on the horrendous poaching that is still occurring.

Although there has been a ban put on the ivory trade, thousands of elephants, in particular African elephants, are still being killed every year for their beautiful ivory tusks, which when nefariously taken away from them, decrease their quality of life astronomically [i]. To help with the prospective end of poaching, foundations have begun to raise money to “paint” the elephant’s tusks pink. By painting and or dying the tusks pink, poachers tend to quickly lose the interest they once may have had about killing these creatures because their ivory tusks now have a complete different look and are unable to be sold through the illegal ivory trade. [ii].

A major advocate for endangered elephant protection, was Lawrence Anthony. Lawrence is most well-known for his private focus on making sure traumatized African elephants were properly rehabilitated [iii]. He later formed a special relationship with a specific tribe of elephants that is detailed in his book, The Elephant Whisperer. He undoubtedly shined a light on the abomination known as poaching, and helped raise awareness worldwide. Along with Lawrence, many companies are helping to raise awareness as well as funds for the foundation known as Save the Elephants.

Save the Elephants has targeted their focuses on four pillars which include: protection, research, awareness, and human elephant conflict. Through this foundations instrumental research, the population of African Elephants is slowly beginning to rise. At the same time, it is continuing to raise incredible awareness for a cause that so many know so little about [iv].

Through the help of foundations such as Save the Elephants and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) as well as companies like Ivory Ella and Walking Safari, much more attention has been brought to the world of elephant poaching. These animals not only deserve to live in a world where they are able to roam freely, but they deserve to have an outside voice willing to do everything they can to help preserve their quality of life. World Elephant Day brings to light all of the amazing work being done to protect these wonderful creatures and also helps raise even more awareness in the hopes that one day the world will no longer continue to be weighed down by the heinous act that is elephant poaching. Grieboski Global Strategies specially celebrates today because of the importance of environmental protection as a whole. Being that animal preservation is a fragment of environmental protection, GGS whole heartedly support such an outstanding cause.


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