Tracy Lynn Casey



Tracy Lynn Casey, Vice President of Grieboski Global Strategies, is a specialist in internal displacement and refugee communities, regional stability, comparative politics, human rights, women and children’s health, and domestic violence. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Government and Spanish Language at Georgetown University.

She is currently a graduate student in the Center for Latin American Studies at Georgetown. Her academic work has stressed the role of women in security as well as the threat to international health posed by forced displacement and inadequate attention to maternal and neonatal health. As a fellow at the Berkley Center for Religion and International Affairs at Georgetown she focused on the role of faith-based organizations in the prevention of violence against women and also the reintegration of the internally displaced and refugees.

Throughout university and graduate school at Georgetown University she was highly active in grassroots campaigns and the organization of local and national advocacy groups including the Georgetown University AIDS Coalition and the US national chapter of Student Campaign for Child Survival.

In addition to this work she served as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the non-profit Georgetown International Relations Association where she worked to further education surrounding the role of the United Nations through national and international conferences. She is currently an active member of Women in International Security as well as Georgetown Women in International Affairs, and is co-founder and President of Sisters’ Keeper, a non-profit dedicated to enhanced security and health for women and children in refugee and internally displaced populations.