Todd Hunt

Managing Consultant, Hospitality Services


Todd Hunt is a restaurant and hospitality consultant whose twenty-five years of experience has helped revolutionize the thinking and business practices of restaurants, bars, and private clubs across the United States. As Operations Director of Delta Restaurant Consultants, he and his team have helped guide struggling businesses to success through innovative and strategically devised solutions informed by years of successful careers in the industry.

Todd is a graduate of Longwood University with a degree in Political Science (International Relations) with a minor in History. Following his graduation, he served as an Airborne Infantry Platoon Leader and Executive Officer for the 29th Infantry Division and the 18th Airborne Infantry Corps. Upon his retirement as a Captain, Todd entered the civilian world and found that his skills as a leader and organizer enabled him to rise quickly in the restaurant industry.

Todd ran fine dining restaurants in Richmond, Virginia Beach, Dallas, Washington, D.C., and Charleston. His restaurants have been recognized for their excellence by The Wine Spectator, Bon Apetit, The New York Times, and awarded multiple DiRoNAs for being in the Top 100 restaurants in North America. Due to his tremendous success in the industry and the important insight and skills he gained along the way, Todd transitioned into a career as a consultant in Charleston in 2000. Since moving back to Washington, D.C. he has worked with some of the largest corporations as well as sole proprietorships and private clubs, making a name for himself in the region. He also managed to fit in his graduate studies in Classical History at George Mason University with the goal of finishing his PhD.

In addition, Todd enjoys working with non-profit organizations such as DC Central Kitchen, which uses leftover restaurant food to make free meals for low income families and schools promoting healthier diets. He also served as Director of Fundraising at the Harrison House Foundation, a rehab facility for at-risk men and women. Todd resides in Alexandria, Virginia with his wife and three children, and he is extremely honored and excited to be joining the team at GGS.