Noah Silver is a Summer Associate at Grieboski Global Strategies majoring in International Relations with a minor in Human Security and Geospatial Intelligence at the University of Southern California. He also intends to pursue a minor in Business Law. Noah is a rising sophomore at USC and is originally from Paradise Valley, Arizona.

In just his first year at USC, Noah became an active participant and leader in the campus community. He serves on the Executive Board of his Greek fraternity, the Leadership Board of Hillel, a Jewish community organization, and was elected to serve as a Senator on the Undergraduate Student Government. In his capacity as a Senator, Noah represents the undergraduate student population and advocates for their needs on campus. As such, he participated in discussions and voted on the allocation of USC’s $2.3 million student government budget.

Noah became interested in international politics after spending six weeks in Israel during the Gaza War of 2014. His experience living in a war-zone cemented in him a desire to learn about the ebbs and flows of international conflict, tension, and war. He became further interested in general politics and law through his activism and community involvement, through which he has had the opportunity to meet Senators John McCain, Tammy Duckworth, and Joe Manchin, as well as other influential leaders.

Working as an Associate at Grieboski Global Strategies has allowed Noah to explore his interests and to develop more effective research, analytical, and professional skills. His work has allowed him the opportunity to engage deeply with fields such as state violence, human rights, and peacekeeping. He has particularly enjoyed attending historic events in Washington, D.C., including both the James Comey and Jeff Sessions hearings before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

In his free time, Noah enjoys long walks on the beach, burying his head in Salman Rushdie novels, and cheering on the USC Trojans. He loves to travel with his family, run to the tune of his own heartbeat, and cruise down Pacific Coast Highway with his friends.