Lucy Wills is a Summer Associate pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Leadership Studies with a minor in Rhetoric and Communication Studies at the University of Richmond. As a rising senior, she is currently the Vice President of Public Relations for her sorority and is a sought-after university tour guide.

Prior to Grieboski Global Strategies (GGS), Lucy worked at the Education Professional Standards Board as a legal intern in the summer of 2015, followed by a position as Youth Ambassador for No Kid Hungry in Kentucky in the summer of 2016. Lucy’s greatest aspiration is to work for an organization dedicated to helping people secure the human rights and religious freedom they deserve. Luckily, her previous internships allowed her to explore some of the many ways in which aid can be provided.

As a Youth Ambassador, Lucy learned about the hunger that plagues millions of school children every year in the United States and the long-term damaging effects it has on educational development. Lucy was integral in researching and implementing ways to expand and improve summer food programs to make them more interactive and fun for children. At a local library in Berea, Kentucky, the public library sponsored by KyKidsEat, hosted movie marathons on rainy days, showing films, facilitating trivia games, and seamlessly feeding the children, throughout. Lucy felt it was rewarding to transform rainy summer days into a service that provided entertainment and a positive distraction while keeping Berea’s children healthy. Lucy also honed her marketing skills through coordinating social media projects for No Kid Hungry.

During her time at GGS, Lucy has enhanced her research and writing skills through crafting memos, blogs, and country needs assessments. In just her first two weeks at GGS, Lucy has witnessed firsthand the dynamics of politics and the art of public policy making after attending events throughout Washington D.C., including former FBI Director James Comey’s hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee and a meeting of the Committee on Religious Liberty.

Studying abroad in London for a semester last year piqued Lucy’s interest in international relations. Cultivating this interest, the internship program at GGS has provided her with opportunities to broaden her understanding of the intersection between policy, global crises, communications, and public relations.  After graduation, she hopes to work for an organization focusing on international relations and specializing in human rights and religious freedom.

When Lucy is not stuck in the library, she can be found dreaming about her next abroad experience, drinking coffee in a local coffee shop, or binge watching her favorite Netflix shows.