Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Summer Associate Jackie is a rising senior at the University of Richmond pursuing a Bachelor’s degrees in International Studies and French. Throughout her studies, Jackie has taken an interest in both the political and cultural aspects of international relations.

In addition to serving as an intern in the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh working on the integration of Syrian refugees in Glasgow, Jackie had the opportunity to study abroad in France and Switzerland throughout her undergraduate career. In Switzerland, her studies focused on cultural diplomacy and the development of peace in an international context. Through these experiences, she has taken an interest in the intersection of culture and politics, focusing on policy surrounding minority groups in different societal contexts.

At GGS, Jackie has used her background in French language and society to translate documents and conduct research on the recent crises in France. Exploring her interest in conflict studies, Jackie has attended events on religious freedom, good governance, and national security while conducting research on development projects around the world.  In the future, Jackie hopes to use her experiences at GGS to pursue a career in conflict studies and post-conflict development.

In her spare time, Jackie likes to cook recipes from all over the world, read, and watch old movies (Casablanca is her favorite). In her last year of undergraduate study, she will serve as the Study Abroad Peer Advisor at Richmond, living vicariously through students by helping them find their dream study abroad programs. Eventually, Jackie hopes to work in diplomacy and find ways to end international conflict.