Greg Goldstein, Summer Associate at Grieboski Global Strategies, is a rising Junior pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Washington University in St. Louis with concentrations in American Politics and Political Methodology.

During his time at GGS, Greg’s work has reflected the need for long-term strategic planning in the development of cities. Greg’s strong interest in urban policy and development stems from his years attending a Quaker school in a struggling region of Philadelphia, which emphasizes community engagement. This educational foundation brought him to college with a clear sense of direction to pursue Political Science, which he views as means to strengthen democracy and inform effective government.

Last summer, Greg had the opportunity to intern at a community development corporation, where his exposure to local political and economic behavior encouraged him to focus his studies on domestic policy and methodology. He hopes this academic background will help him in the future to provide insight into best practices for voter engagement and election reform.

“Studying the tug of war that is modern American politics can be disheartening,” Greg says, but he notes that as urban reformer Jacob Riis remarked, “some defeats are only installments to victory.” Outside of the office, you can find him cooking spaghetti and meatballs, camping, or binge-watching The West Wing.

Up next for Greg? He hopes to broaden his studies during his time abroad in Prague this spring!