Emma Henson, a Summer Associate at Grieboski Global Strategies, is a rising junior at Claremont McKenna College in California. She studies International Relations with an emphasis on Security Studies, as well as intensive study of the German language. Emma was born in Sarasota, Florida, where she grew up next to the beach and attended school on an island for most of her life. She is enjoying being in the D.C.-metro area for the summer, and experiencing the nation’s capital and policy-making from a first-hand perspective.

Emma’s interest in international affairs became a passion during her first semester of college, when she took an International Relations class and realized there was an entire discipline dedicated to framing and analyzing the world’s events. Since then, her love for the study has only grown as she has witnessed increasing turbulence in the global community. Her interest in domestic politics also grew this past year, when she spent most weekends in the fall traveling from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to campaign for Hillary Clinton in the swing state of Nevada.

During her time at GGS, Emma has gained valuable analytical and research skills.  She has learned and mastered the art of writing memos and pitches, which will help her greatly in future professional and academic endeavors. Emma has also expanded her areas of interest and knowledge; previously she focused regionally on Europe, but working at GGS has broadened her knowledge base across the globe from South America to Southeast Asia. She has additionally learned about an array of topics ranging from religious freedom to NAFTA and the auto industry. Emma continues to look forward to the new experiences, topics, challenges and valuable lessons she will gain from engaging with these projects as the summer progresses.

Next year, Emma will be studying at Ludwig Maximilian Universität in Munich, Germany for two semesters where she will perfect her German and continue to take classes in International Relations and Political Science. Emma is excited to experience a new country and its unique political culture, and is especially looking forward to living in Germany during Angela Merkel’s historic re-election campaign.

In her spare time, Emma can be found reading, writing, and asking strangers on the street if she can please pet their dog.