Summer Associate Emily is a rising junior at Georgetown University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Government with a minor in Economics. Originally from Beijing, Emily attended an international school in China before moving to the U.S. for university.

As an international student, Emily has had the opportunity to gain extensive travel experience across several continents to 20 countries. During her time last summer interning at a nonprofit serving exploited women, Emily developed a strong interest in the role civic engagement plays in combatting human rights abuses. She has come to appreciate the importance of combining legislation with on-the-ground, grassroots level support to strengthen communities.

At GGS, Emily has furthered her understanding of public policy as a means to promote development and the protection of human rights. She has engaged in research and analysis of various countries, written articles delving into humanitarian crises, and attended events on international diplomacy and conflict resolution. She hopes to use this expertise in the future to contribute to both domestic and foreign policymaking.

Outside of the office, Emily enjoys spending time with family and friends, baking, and watching old episodes of The Office. She plans to continue traveling and potentially pursue a degree in law, with the aim of using her experiences to serve the wider community around her.