Originally from Houston, Texas, Summer Associate Corinne Nordt is a rising junior at the College of William and Mary. She is fulfilling her Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Economics with a minor in Russian Post-Soviet Studies. Her proficiency in Post-Soviet relations makes her a key asset to Grieboski Global Strategies.

Corinne’s interest in Eastern European culture began with her travel to Budapest, Hungary in 2010. Last summer, she studied abroad in Russia and was able to further her understanding of cross-culture differences. She dedicated her time to research the formation of Russian international identity on an east-west binary scale and domestic gender roles, which allowed her dive deep into Russian history and society.  Beyond her research, Corinne was able to see into the daily lives of Russians, and understand the similarities and differences between cultures.

With her expertise in Eastern Europe and Central Asian countries, and international trade and development, Corinne has proven a great asset to Grieboski Global Strategies. Through her work with the firm, she has broadened her interest in human rights work, and has come to believe that systemic issues causing human rights violations can be addressed through improvements in the international economy. At GGS, Corinne has been able to write blog posts about human trafficking in Eastern Europe and Russian foreign policy, as well as assessments on a multitude of post-Soviet states. She has also had the opportunity to attend meetings and events throughout Washington, including a forum on revolt in Central Asia and meetings with Eurasian embassies.

Corinne is actively involved in multiple community service organizations. She currently serves as President of Tribe College Outreach, an organization that helps local Williamsburg students apply to college, and is the former Service and Philanthropy Chair of Gamma Psi chapter of Phi Sigma Pi. In these positions, Corinne has worked towards improving education, healthcare, and sustainability in the Williamsburg area. In addition, she writes for the student run Russian newspaper, Gazeta, worked as a teaching assistant for the economics department at the College of William and Mary, volunteers as a research assistant for the U.S.-Russian Chamber of Commerce in Houston, and has extensive travel experience, including travel to 22 countries across the globe.  Most recently, Corinne traveled to Norway and Iceland, and attended a language immersion program at Saint Petersburg State University, Russia, last summer.

In her free time, Corinne enjoys traveling, baking for her friends, and watching videos of baby animals. Over the next two years, Corinne hopes to expand her knowledge on international economics and continue her work towards benefiting her local and international community.