Jenna Friedberg, a Spring Associate at Grieboski Global Strategies, is pursuing a Bachelor’s in American Studies, as well as a Master’s in American Studies at the George Washington University. Her Master’s specifically focuses on museums and material culture, and much of her research focuses on how American material objects are consumed in Russia. An active member of the Jewish community throughout her time at George Washington, Jenna serves as the Student President of the Jewish Students Association. More commonly known as Hillel, the Jewish Students Association plans events pertaining to religious holidays and community building. Jenna oversees all event planning and initiative building, and acts as a representative of the Jewish community to the university administration.

In addition to American Studies, Jenna spent two and a half years studying Russian language, literature, and culture. For half a year, she studied in the Political Science Department at Saint Petersburg State University in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Nearly fluent in Russian, Jenna gained incomparable experience in her language proficiency and understanding of Russian society. She hopes to continue studying the region and its satellites and how they interact with America.

Prior to coming to GGS, Jenna worked at a television production company in Washington, D.C. as a production assistant for two years. There, she learned valuable skills in editing and building interpersonal relationships. Working closely with directors, writers, and publicists, Jenna learned the behind-the-scenes of television production and is even credited on nationally syndicated television shows.

Through Jenna’s time at GGS, she has improved her research and analytical skills with every proposal, assessment, and report she has completed. Additionally, working at GGS has expanded her knowledge and awareness of global issues such as religious extremism and drug trafficking, which she takes special interest in.

When she is not at work or in the library, Jenna enjoys hiking and finding nature among the white concrete and marble of Washington, D.C. She also enjoys traveling, and sports an impressive list of countries visited. She is looking forward to the international opportunities GGS might bring her.