Grieboski Global Strategies, LLC (GGS) is an international strategic consulting firm that delivers a comprehensive and adaptable portfolio of services to nonprofit, corporate, and government clients.


We solve problems, manage crises, and improve lives across a broad spectrum of clients by employing a unique model of disruptive innovation and implementation.


Grieboski Global Strategies envisions a world where corporate, government, and nonprofit clients contribute to the ongoing positive development of society.

Recent Blog Posts

Backyard Slavery

Slavery, contrary to some people’s understanding, continues to exist in the form of human trafficking. Human trafficking is the forced exploitation of an individual, which includes offenses such as forced labor, sex, servitude, organ removal, and other abuses, and is...

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World Water Day

Every year on March 22 we celebrate World Water Day—a day introduced by the United Nations to highlight life’s ultimate necessity and the growing need of improved access to clean water for over 2 billion people. “Wastewater” is this year’s theme and is defined as...

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