Grieboski Global Strategies is an exciting small government and international relations firm located in beautiful Old Town Alexandria. At Grieboski Global Strategies, you will get the experience of a lifetime working on special collaborative projects, attending events in Washington DC, meeting with high profile government officials, diplomats, and their staff, and working with the CEO, a Nobel Peace Prize Nominee.

Grieboski Global Strategies and the breadth of its programmatic focus require interns to undertake a considerable amount of responsibility and daily tasks which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Conduct research and analysis drafting (e.g. briefing papers, proposals, reports)
  • Draft memos and press releases
  • Meet and correspond with government/elected officials’ offices
  • Attend meetings, receptions, Hill and Embassy events, and committee hearings
  • Social media tasks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Coordinate and participate in meetings and help to organize events


  • Must be either currently enrolled in a credited college or university or recently graduated from one.
  • GPA equivalent of 3.0 or higher
  • Although we gladly welcome a wide array of backgrounds, intern candidates should have some knowledge and/or interest in international relations, government, public policy, business, non-profit, human rights and/or religious studies
  • Good qualitative and quantitative research skills
  • Strong interpersonal, communications, verbal, and written skills
  • Creative leadership skills
  • Cooperative and team-oriented personality

Interning at GGS was a wonderful experience in so many ways, but what I valued most was the time Joe invested in us. He took the time to explain the workings of the firm and the backgrounds of the people, organizations and issues we were unfamiliar with. He trusted us to take the lead at conferences and meetings, and he asked for our opinions. This not only prepared us to represent the firm confidently, but it also made us feel like a valued member of the GGS team–and that made all the difference.

Kaitlyn DeLong

Working at GGS was truly a one-of-a-kind opportunity. While there, I was able to garner unique hands-on experience in the politics and policies that shape our world, and develop a greater understanding of potential career paths in the development and consulting sectors. Most internships involve simple administrative duties or errands, but my time at GGS was built around direct interaction with current and former foreign politicians, the drafting of legislation, and an environment in which the input of all employees, from interns to consultants, were given value and weight. Interning at GGS is undoubtedly the opportunity of a lifetime.

Olivia Barrett

To Apply:

Please send us a formal email with your cover letter, resume, and a two page writing sample to Mariane Leite at Please include any additional information or comments in the email.