Mindy Scarlett

Managing Consultant, Marketing and Branding



Mindy Scarlett is a business owner, marketer, facilitator and designer. While design in its myriad forms has been a constant in her life, from Michigan, to Australia and finally to New Jersey, the most important focus in her life has been her work to develop capacity in people and businesses.

Now, through The Scarlett Foundation, Mindy hopes to create a way to inspire participants to believe that they truly can achieve anything that they put their mind to – then provide a way for them to “make it so”.

“With more than 95% of Americans being employed by small business, yet 50% of those business failing in the first five years, there is more than enough room for improvement,” said Mindy Scarlett.

The main purpose of The Scarlett Foundation is to provide marketing dollars and guidance to ensure that a small business can afford to ‘get the message out’ about their goods and services.  This creates a ‘win’ for the small business on Main Street, and allows them to continue to employ people.  This, in turn, will create economic stability in terms of growing businesses and falling unemployment rates.

“While the Foundation is being created to help small businesses with grants for marketing, there are strings attached.  The Foundation will mentor and advise to ensure that the money is spent wisely and ensure that the business has the proper support in terms of general business advice and access to funding for business development.”

Just like a child needs to be taught and mentored, so does a young business.  All too often a business owner only succeeds in becoming ‘self-employed’ and never makes the leap into a full-fledged, truly sustainable business.

The Scarlett Foundation was created to help small businesses make that ‘leap’ and to ensure that the concept of Main Street remains a part of the American Dream.