Joseph K. Grieboski

President and CEO


Joseph K. Grieboski is a social entrepreneur whose innovative ideas have revolutionized thinking across a number of fields. President and CEO of Grieboski Global Strategies, Grieboski is also Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Nobel Peace Prize-nominated THE INSTITUTE on Religion and Public Policy.

In 1999 – at the age of 24 – Grieboski founded THE INSTITUTE on Religion and Public Policy, a well-respected and world-renowned non-governmental organization at the forefront of religious freedom advocacy. Many years and several Nobel Peace Prize nominations later, Grieboski has become an internationally recognized expert in religious freedom, national security, counter-extremism, human rights, and conflict transformation. As a matter of fact, in a letter to Grieboski in 2005, His Majesty, King Mohammed VI, of Morocco referred to Grieboski’s work as the “foundation of a new civilization”.

His extensive travels to over 120 countries in every corner of the map have allowed Grieboski to meet, interact with, and befriend leaders of business and industry, government, entertainment, advocacy, and other arenas, giving him one of Washington’s best and most sought after rolodexes.

From confidence-building programs in Darfur to post-conflict reconstruction in Kosovo, from track-three diplomacy efforts in North Korea and Iran to minority protection and reintegration in Iraq and Afghanistan, from authoring countless laws for numerous countries to securing the successful release of hostages and prisoners, Grieboski has been at the forefront of the some of most crucial and sensitive issues in the world.

A member of the American Bar Association, Grieboski currently serves as Chairman of the Board and President of the U.S.-OIC Business Council; Strategic US Advisor to the Directorate, Faith and Globalization Program, Durham University, United Kingdom; Former Chair and current Member, US State Department Strategic Dialogue with Civil Society Working Group on Religion and Foreign Policy Subgroup on International Development and Humanitarian Assistance; Founder and Secretary-General, Interparliamentary Conference on Human Rights and Religious Freedom; Managing Director, Operation Hope 4 Healing; Member of the Board of Directors, International Friends of Rohingya; Member of the Board of Directors, Education Global Access Program; Member of the Board of Advisors, Holy Land Peace Fellowship Foundation; Member of the Board of Honor, Planète Citoyenne; Member of the Board of Advisors, Arakhan Rohingya Union; Member of the Board of Advisors, Military Religious Freedom Foundation; Member of the Board of Advisors, The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization; International Religious Liberty Advisor, National Council of Churches Committee on Religious Liberty; Member of the Expert Advisory Group on “Promoting and Protecting the Universal Right to Freedom of Religion or Belief through Law: Current Dilemmas and Lessons Learned”, International Development Law Organization.

The author of over 50 articles and two recognized publications with Palgrave Macmillan and Oakton, Grieboski is the editor of three forthcoming books: Faith of Freedom: A Theological Survey of Freedom of Religion and Belief, a reference work examining what religions and spiritual groups believe and teach about freedom and liberty; Because I Believed, an anthology focusing on the sociological, historic, theological and political contributions of religious believers and non-believers to the US civil rights movement; and in partnership with world famous photographer Lester Picker,  In My Image, a collection of photographs documenting the positive outcomes and societal benefits of interfaith cooperation and partnership.

Grieboski is currently a columnist for The Hill and has also served as a columnist for The Huffington Post and a foreign news editor and contributor for The Cutting Edge News.

Grieboski has also served as an advisor to the Foreign Office of the United Kingdom, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the European Parliament, and many other national and international bodies. As a religious freedom, human rights, and international policy expert, Grieboski has testified before the United States Congress, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the United Nations Human Rights Council, the European Parliament, and numerous other legislative and international bodies.

In accordance with the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998, the Executive Office of Immigration Review of the Justice Department has partnered with Grieboski annually to train the United States immigration judges and immigration attorneys on trends and country issues related to freedom of religion and belief. He has also lectured for the Close Up Foundation; the National Youth Leadership Forum on Defense, Intelligence, and Diplomacy; and the Washington Semester Program on Peace and Conflict Resolution at American University. Grieboski also served as a lecturer in the Boston University Institute on Religion, Culture, and World Affairs (IRWA).

In April 2010 Grieboski was inducted into the International Board of Sponsors of the Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel at Morehouse College – Martin Luther King’s alma mater. The award honors those who have made significant contributions to the civil and human rights nonviolence movement in the tradition of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King.

Grieboski holds a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service degree and a Master of Arts degree in National Security Studies, both from Georgetown University. In 2008, Joe received an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Marywood University. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at Durham University, Durham, England.