Interfaith Voices Elects Grieboski Global Strategies CEO to Board of Directors

Alexandria, VA – The Board of Directors of Interfaith Voices recently met and elected Grieboski Global Strategies’ CEO, Joseph K. Grieboski, as a new member of the Board.

Interfaith Voices is an independent public radio show fostering interfaith understanding by providing engaging conversation about religion, across many traditions and beliefs.

The show explores how faith intersects with culture, public policy, and the news of the day. As the nation’s only public radio show exclusively about religion, Interfaith Voices is a vital source of knowledge about how religious belief shapes our world.

“Interfaith Voices is a powerful mechanism to advance the common understanding of spirituality, faith, and religion in the common good,” commented Mr. Grieboski. “I have long been an admirer of Interfaith Voices’ Founder, Host and Executive Producer, Maureen Fiedler, SL. I am honored and proud to become a member of the Board and have the opportunity to contribute to the already tremendous impact both she and Interfaith Voices have had on the intersection of religion and public policy.”

Listen to the latest Interfaith Voices show here.