New Features Refreshed Design, Enhanced Content

Alexandria, VA – Grieboski Global Strategies, LLC, (GGS) announces the redesign of its website at

Grieboski Global Strategies launched the redesign to make navigation of its site easier for clients, partner, and stakeholders and to provide them with even more relevant and easy-to-find information, access to our Speakers’ Bureau, and analysis on our blog.

“The Grieboski Global Strategies team is proud to unveil the new design of our website,” commented GGS’ President and CEO, Joseph K. Grieboski. “Our goal was to create a site that allows for a very positive user experience and adds value by providing useful information for visitors. Another primary goal of ours was to ensure the site is representative of our company’s identity. We hope the new website re-design will help achieve this objective.”

About Grieboski Global Strategies

Grieboski Global Strategies, LLC (GGS) is an international strategic consulting firm that uses a unique model of Extensible Expertise, guided by the Conscience Imperative, to achieve enhanced domestic and target impact as well as stronger relationships on the world stage for its nonprofit and government clients.

Grieboski Global Strategies is exceptional in its mission, vision, and understanding of global trends, and uses a cross-platform, holistic approach to identify the needs and advance the interests of peoples, organizations, and governments.

The Grieboski Global Strategies team is comprised of some of the world’s foremost thought leaders and experts in their fields, and uses this extraordinary arsenal to solve problems, manage crises, and improve lives.