Alexandria, VA – Grieboski Global Strategies (GGS) – an Alexandria, VA, based international and strategic consulting firm – has called on Congress not to re-impose the “Holman Rule” on government employees.

The Holman Rule would allow any Member of Congress to simply offer an amendment that could reduce the salary of any federal employee, or eliminate a federal employees position, without hearings, testimony, or due process.

“U.S. government employees are the backbone of the functioning, effective system the United States enjoys,” commented GGS President Joseph K. Grieboski. “If you’ve ever received a Social Security check, ever gotten your mail, ever been on a flight without fear of crashing into another plane, then you have federal employees to thank for it.”

The Holman Rule allows Congress to vote on individual federal employee’s compensation or job security, and the overall composition of the federal workforce and individual agencies, as part of an appropriations amendment.

“The new GOP Congress and the incoming Trump Administration ran and won on promises to help the American people and to be a voice for ‘the little guy.’ Federal employees who work every day to keep our nation healthy, safe, and strong are those same American people and those same little guys and deserve not to have their livelihoods threatened by Congressional malevolence,” concluded Mr. Grieboski. “Mr. Trump promised to drain the swamp; the Holman Rule only serves to fill it.”