Grieboski Global Strategies Mourns the Passing of Rep. Eni Faleomavega

Alexandria, VA – Grieboski Global Strategies’ CEO, Joseph K. Grieboski, released the following statement on the passing of Rep. Eni Faleomavega:

It is with a sad and heavy heart that I heard of the passing of Eni Faleomavega. Eni was a friend, a brother, a guide. In the 20-plus years we had been friends, he had shown me nothing but kindness, compassion, wisdom, and astuteness.

Eni’s global impact cannot be underestimated: he advanced fundamental rights in Central Asia, opposed the rise of political nationalism in Eastern Europe, spoke out for the persecuted Rohingya in Burma, and stood firm against the undermining of democracy and the apathy toward violations of human rights and human dignity committed around the globe.

His leadership, passion, and commitment to the good in humanity was an inspiration.

I used to tell Eni that when I thought of him, I envisioned him as the wise man who appears suddenly in a movie when the main character is having a crisis of conscience, imparts epic wisdom, and then disappears in a cloud of butterflies.

In my heart of hearts, I know that tonight Eni Faleomavega is surrounded by great light, great spirits, and many butterflies.