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GGS CEO Selected to Participate in Exclusive Army War College 2017 National Security Seminar


Alexandria, VA – President and CEO of Grieboski Global Strategies, Joseph K. Grieboski, has been selected to participate in the Army War College’s 2017 National Security Seminar.

Established in 1954, the National Security Seminar (NSS) is the final event for the Army War College’s Resident Students before graduation. NSS allows students and selected guests (whom the War College refers to as “New Members”) to examine national security issues through presentations by distinguished speakers and the exchange of candid dialogue.

“I am truly honored and humbled by my selection to join the 2017 National Security Seminar hosted by the U.S. Army War College,” commented Mr. Grieboski. “The NSS provides a unique opportunity for interaction and exchange across the nation’s diversity in occupations, geographic regions, and other demographic factors, with the future leaders of both the United States military and military leaders around the globe.”

The four-day event exposes Army War College students to a diverse cross-section of America, allowing them to better understand the society they serve. New Members also gain from the experience, as they share in the exploration of issues and are introduced to future leaders of the American armed forces and government departments, as well as International Fellows and the Army War College’s Faculty.