Eriks Jekabsons

Managing Consultant, Reconciliation and Peacebuilding


Life as Minister of Interior of Latvia and Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Chairman of the Committee of Defense and Internal Affairs, ordained Lutheran Minister, champion boxer, and boxing coach has afforded Eriks Jekabsons a diverse and unique career spanning more than thirty years of executive leadership.

As former Minister of Interior Affairs of Latvia and deputy Speaker of Parliament, a worldwide consultant, and internationally acclaimed speaker Eriks advises clients’ across the globe on Global Affairs, Conflict resolution, Safety and Security, and Policy issues. A multi-lingual expert in geopolitics, current affairs, and safety and security issues in former Soviet Union, Central Asia, Caucasus, and Russia. Additionally, has led conflict resolution efforts in Iraq, Kurdistan.

Established the first Centre of Counter terrorism in the Baltic States. Additonally, was Chairman of the Committee of Defense and Internal Affairs in charge of security for US President G.W. Bush visit in Latvia and other International projects in European Union as well as in Ukraine and Middle East. Eriks Jekabsons has been recognized by The Economist as the “Latvian The Terminator”. He has also been interviewed and featured by the Chicago Tribune, WGN TV, Daily Herald, and Radio Free Europe.

Erics is a champion boxer and boxing coach, was owner of Eriks Boxing & Fitness in Chicago, and has a 4th degree Black Belt in Martial Arts. He was part of resistance movement in Latvia, and spent two years in the special forces of the Soviet military. He developed skills in intelligence work and in dealing with crisis situations and conflict resolution. There is a book written about his extraordinary life story, currently, in final production phase.