Batya Maman

Managing Consultant, Social Media Consulting


Born in Israel and of Moroccan decent, Batya Maman earned a college degree in Education with a concentration in computer technology. She then worked as a teacher of computer technology in Israel before moving to the United States in 2003 to pursue her dreams in the Land of Opportunity.

Since then, Batya learned English and used her formal education in Computer Science to open several lucrative businesses in the U.S. For the first seven years on American soil, Batya successfully created a Home and Office Organizational Business and a Renovation and Commercial Cleaning Company. She established herself as a trusted and knowledgeable personal concierge for business and home owners.

However, when the real estate market changed, so did Batya. She began to look for a different business opportunity and discovered a trend in Public Relations/Marketing that was moving more toward social media. Based on her education and experience with computers, Batya made a natural transition to social media and founded her own company, SocialConnect, LLC.

Today her company advises and trains business clients, ranging from manufacturing to charitable organizations, on how to get the best results from their social media campaigns. Along with that, the company helps clients maintain their social media efforts.

A social media and communication specialist, Batya is an expert in Social Media Marketing, and very passionate about her work and all of her clients agree! She uses social media as a tool to connect P2P (people to people) and B2B (business to business).

Through her success in three diverse business ventures, she has earned respect and an impeccable reputation in her community. On a more personal note, she has 3 children: 2 beautiful daughters and a son currently serving in the military.

As a true entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a connector of people, Batya is looking forward to helping you achieve powerful results with social media!