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Grieboski Global Strategies is an international strategic consulting firm that solves problems, manages crises, and improves lives across a broad spectrum of clients by employing a unique model of disruptive innovation and implementation.

Grieboski Global Strategies is exceptional in its mission, vision, and understanding of global trends, and uses a cross-platform, holistic approach to identify the needs and advance the interests of peoples, organizations, and governments.

Our team is comprised of scholars, subject matter experts, and industry leaders from around the world. With our wide range of skills and backgrounds, our team can adapt to clients’ needs, providing expert analysis and strategy across disciplines.

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“Joseph K. Grieboski est une force de la nature et sa volonté est indomptable quand il s’agit de défendre une bonne et juste cause.

[Joseph K. Grieboski is a force of nature and his will is indomitable when it comes to defending a good and just cause].”

Ousenni Tamboura

former Minister of Informal Education and former Member of Parliament

Burkina Faso

“Joe Grieboski and I have partnered on international issues for years, covering crises of all sizes around the world. He has over two decades of global successes in democracy building, combating religious persecution, and advocating for the powerless. Joe’s support is an essential asset in the fight for religious freedom and human rights.”

Lord David Alton

British House of Lords

“I would like to acknowledge the role that [you have] played in helping the OIC Permanent Observer Mission to the United Nations in the USA… [You have] closely witnessed this arduous journey of the OIC for a certain period and contributed positively to it. I thank you and all of your colleagues for your sincere efforts…”

Professor Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu

Former Secretary-General, Organization of Islamic Cooperation

“There would be few people in the world who have a better grasp of its religions and religious leaders. Joe has develop this not just through a deep understanding of society, but in a special way, because of his burning hope to make sure that the role of religion in our difficult times is recognized and appreciated and indeed understood in a proper way. You could have no one more enthusiastic about the work of religious bodies nor anyone more willing to work with them all in establishing a better society and a more harmonious search for peace in our world”

His Eminence, Theodore Cardinal McCarrick

“I have personally collaborated with Joe Grieboski on a number of human rights and religious liberty issues over the years. Joe works tirelessly to bring security and representation those who are victims of abuse. His willingness to reach out, to share his resources and influence, and to connect with the powerful on behalf of the persecuted is remarkable.

Joe’s zeal for human rights is genuine and deeply felt. He has a unique capacity to galvanize those around him into action for a great cause. I am personally very grateful for all that Joe has done for minorities and other under-represented persons across the globe.”

Anuttama Dasa

Chairman Governing Body Commission

International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON)

“Joseph is a world-renowned expert and advocate on issues of religious liberty. His contacts and relationships across the world make him a key go-to person on all issues where religion are a factor — an asset that makes him incredibly valuable, as conflicts rooted in religion take on more and more significance.”

William Daroff

Senior Vice President for Public Policy & Director of the Washington Office

The Jewish Federations of North America

“My work as President and lead missionary of Faith and Action has provided me with the opportunity to work very closely with Joe Grieboski, a highly respectable and hardworking colleague. As an ordained minister of the Evangelical Church Alliance, I have confronted many moral issues in our nation, and Joe’s knowledge and experiences have greatly helped and supported my actions. It has been a privilege and honor to work beside such an intelligent, professional and dependable individual.”

Reverend Rob Schenck


Faith and Action in the Nation’s Capital

“Joseph Grieboski has been one of the earliest and most active members of our board of advisors and has proven to be a reliable and knowledgeable, go-to expert on an array of issues we have dealt with. With Mr. Grieboski’s persistence and performance on behalf of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, we have been officially nominated for multiple Nobel Peace Prizes. His friendship and guidance has led to exceptional collaboration efforts, as he has been a blessing for our foundation and our cause. The integrity and effectiveness of Mr. Grieboski’s firm are second to none and I give them my strongest recommendation.”

Mikey L. Weinstein

President of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation