Grieboski Global Strategies, LLC (GGS) is an international strategic consulting firm that uses a unique model of Extensible Expertise, guided by the Conscience Imperative, to deliver a comprehensive and adaptable portfolio of services to nonprofit and government clients.

Conscience Imperative™

A concept conceived by Grieboski Global Strategies to define its conceptualization of modern-day human rights.

Encompassing a pro-active, dignity-focused approach with an emphasis on responsibility as well as rights, the Conscience Imperative™ looks to advance a new paradigm of understanding, applying, executing, and upholding fundamental rights and their corresponding responsibilities.


Leveraging our unique model of Extensible Expertise™ and guided by the Conscience Imperative, Grieboski Global Strategies enables its clients to achieve enhanced domestic and target impact as well as stronger relationships on the world stage.


Grieboski Global Strategies will be widely recognized as an established world leader in highly effective, comprehensive nation building.

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Never Again

Remembrance allows us to mourn, to heal, and to reflect. However, there is also an implicit command in remembering the Holocaust: Never Again. This notion became law for many countries in 1948 when the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 260, which called explicitly for the prevention and punishment of attempted genocide. Despite this obligation, we have failed time and time again.

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